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The following is a list of items that ULTRAMED, INC. has recently sold and
which we usually have available for sale or are in the market to purchase.  
All of our offerings are pre-owned and have been used in research and/or 
clinical applications.  
Our RESEARCH programs have provided a constant flow of high quality medical 
and scientific equipmentinto our inventory at extremely favorable prices.  
Our customers enjoy savings up to 90% from the original cost of this preowned 
equipment.  Most of this equipment is ideal for scientific research,  veterinary medicine,
and clinical applications.  Our previously owned medical equipment  is
carefully selected to provide the highest quality and value. 
Click on the small  camera icon next to some items to view a picture of 
that equipment.  
Refer to our home page  for current
inventory list and TERMS of SALE.
Call or EMAIL us for further information. Thanking you and hoping that 
we may be able to help with your equipment needs.

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                                INVENTORY LIST
IMEXLAB 9100 with 5.0MHZ and 8.0MHZ doppler, multi port cuff inflator,
many cuffs, printer, and more.  Unit just came in. This is a super clean
automated vascular diagnostic system that looks new.      SOLD
Imexlab 9100 vascular diagnostic equipment doppler, PPG & accessories 
Imexlab 9100 with cart and printer.     SOLD
PARKS MODEL 1050-C 'VASCULAR MINI-LAB'. This is the current model of this
popular vascular testing system.  8.0 Mhz directional doppler 
with two speed strip chart recorder.  The 1050C has an AC/DC
coupled photocell (PPG) sensor for use in recording digit waveforms or for
venus reflux studies.  The output filter allows recording of mean venous 
blood flow and four other smoothing ranges for arteries and veins. A
loudspeaker is built into the unit or a stereo earphone may be used.
Link to manufacturers brochure on the 1050C PDF format > 
Link to Operating manual for the 1050C  PDF >   Picture of our 1050C > 
This unit is in great shape and ready to go to work.	  SOLD
PARKS Model 1059-C VASCULAR MINILAB.  This is the current model of this
popular vascular test system. Dual frequency directional doppler (8.0 Mhz
and 4.0 Mhz)with two speed chart recorder.  The 1059-C has a AC/DC coupled
photoplethysmograph for digital and venous reflux studies and a pneumo-
plethysmograph for pulse and venous studies. Built in rechargeable battery.
This is the best of the Parks 1050-C series MINI-LABS.
Link to manufacturers brochure on the 1059-C PDF format > 
Picture of our Parks 1059-C                                   SOLD
PARKS Model 909 Bi-directional doppler. Dual frequency.  comes
with 9.0 Mhz probe and 5.5 Mhz probe. New rechargeable battery.	SOLD
This vascular test system looks like new.  
UNETIXS 'Freedom V' PLUS Vascular testing system.  With 5.0Mhz
doppler, visual waveform display and annotating strip chart recorder.  
This unit includes the RT (real time) option and software for transfering
reports to your computer. Provides a full range of automated vascular tests.  
Full UNETIXS Freedom V-Plus Specifications click here		SOLD
PARKS Model 3100 MINILAB.  This system is the portable version of the
3100 system and is furnished with a heavy duty carry case with space for
probes, cuffs, and accessories. It comes with 4.0 Mhz and 8.0 Mhz doppler
probes, AC and DC coupled PPG and microprocessor controlled cuff inflator.
This system appears in exceptional condition and ready to go to work.
Image of our 3100 with front case cover removed>  With Case closed> 
COMPLETE BROCHURE PARKS 3100  PDF format                   SOLD
PARKS Model 806-CA Bi-Directional doppler with 9.0 Mhz probe. $450.00
PARKS Model 1010-LA Dual frequency (4.0Mhz & 9.0 Mhz) doppler
sytem with built in strip chart recorder. Operates on built in
rechargeable battery. An external recorder input allows you to 
use just the recorder part with other devices. Comes with 8-9 Mhz
high frequency probe, and extra strip chart paper.  	   SOLD
PARKS 'MINI-LAB' MODEL 3100.  This 3100 comes complete with Parks VIP
6.7 software, computer, and color printer to generate professional reports.
Dual frequency doppler (4.0Mhz and 8.0Mhz), and AC and DC coupled PPG.
Microprocessor controlled cuff inflator adds automation to test procedures.
The 3100 comes with a heavy duty cart with ample storage for probes, cuffs,
and supply items.  The 3100 MINILAB is essentially the same as the current
model with the exception of the wireless remote control in the 3100-B.
This unit is in exceptional condition and is ready to go to wotk in your
lab.  Catalog image >       Image Parks 3100 >                 SOLD
PARKS 'MINI-LAB' Model 1059. The Parks 1059 MiniLab III allows studies 
(with recordings) of both shallow and deep arteries (doppler), surface
vessels such as digital pads (photoplethysmograph), venous capacitance and
and venous outflow time plus volume pulse plethysmography (pneumoplethysmograph)
and venous reflux plethysmography (photoplethysmograph). This unit comes
with front and rear panel covers which house probes, cuffs and accessories.
Includes 5.0Mhz and 8.0Mhz doppler probes, PPG probe and several cuffs.
Catalog image of Model 1059>   Our Minilab 1059> 	       SOLD
PARKS 'FLO-LAB' MODEL 2014.  This model was the last in the Flolab
series prior to the current 2100 series.  It is loaded with the optional 
SPECTRUM ANALYZER with 256 Point FFT, IPG (impedance plethysmography), Dual
frequency (4.0 and 8.0 Mhz)doppler, PPG, Automated Pneumoplethysmography,
Photoplethysmograph, Built in cuff inflator,Automated report generator,
compact hand held remote, and more.  The cabinet provides ample space
for storage of probes, cuffs and accessory items. Comes with computer
loaded with the latest Parks VIP 6.7 software on disk and color printer to
generate professional test reports. This sytem automates most of the
standard vascular tests and protocols with user definable parameters. 
Typical test screen >    Catalog picture of Parks 2014 FLOLAB >  
High resolution image of our Parks 2014 (775K)> 	       SOLD
IMEX LAB 3000 Vascular diagnostic system.  Dual frequency
uni-directional doppler (5.0 and 8.0 Mhz),  AC and DC PPG 
(Photoplethysmography)for ABI and venus reflux studies and 
PCR (pneumoplethysmography).  Comes with several cuffs and
Proper manometer cuff inflator, and padded carry case.        SOLD
PARKS Model 909 Bi-directional doppler. Dual frequency.  comes
with 9.0 Mhz probe. New rechargeable battery.			SOLD
This unit looks like new.  
PARKS Model 1050 Bi-directional doppler with strip chart recorder
and photoplethysmography (PPG) probe.  			SOLD
PARKS Model 1050A Bi-directional doppler with strip chart recorder
and photoplethysmography ( PPG ).  				SOLD
VASAMEDICS Model PV-2000 Vascular Microlaboratory. The PV-2000 
performs non-invasive assessment of peripheral circulation. The 
system uses a LASER PRESSURE TRANSDUCER to measure 'skin perfusion
pressure' and 'pulse volume waveforms'. Furnished with two transducer
and cuff assemblies.   				   $1,250.00
MULTIGON Model 500A CW doppler unit. An integral spectrum analyzer
provides bi-directional doppler traces and output can be recorded
on a VTR or video printer (not included). With 5.0 Mhz probe.	$350.00
EME  Model TC 2-64 Transcranial Doppler unit.  With 2.0 Mhz
doppler TCD probe and op. manual.				SOLD
TC-264 specifications   Note: DMP64 printer is not included.
Our unit is the Model TC 2-64C and appears almost new.
DATASCOPE Model 'ACCUCOM' doppler based Cardiac output monitor.
Comes with CW doppler probe. No TEE probe or manuals.		INQUIRE	
HEMODAYNAMICS Model AV-1000 Peripheral vascular diagnostic
system.  Designed to indicate the presence of deep vein
thrombosis or venus incompetence.   This system uses Light
Reflection Rheography to measure microscopic changes in the
dermal plexus that occur when a limb is exercised.  Operation
is similar to photo plethysmography or impedance plethysmography
but the mfg. claims more sensitivity. 	                SOLD
ACUSON 128-XP10 Ultrasound System.  With color doppler, color B-Mode,
Cine and PW doppler.  Comes with up to ELEVEN probes covering virtually
all vascular and general abdominal imaging applications.  Software rev.
23.143.  With Sony color printer, VTR and optional IIE camera.
PRICE will be determined by number and type of imaging probes included. 
Original skin with 12" monitor.  				INQUIRE
ACUSON 128-XP10 With ART, Color doppler, color B-Mode, Cine and PW doppler.
Software Version 28.118.  A wide variety of probes and accessory items
are available as options.  PRICE will be determined by probes selected
and options.  Set up for vascular and general abdominal imaging app's.
Original skin with 9" monitor. 					INQUIRE
For sample IMAGES made with this unit click here.>
ACUSON probes that are available include:  C-366,  V-328,  L-538, L-7384,
L-558, S-519, S-228, L-312 EV-519 (trans Vag) C3 and L7. Call for probe
SHIMADZU Model SDU-700  Sector/Linear Diagnostic Ultrasound System.  With
Doppler and (1) 3.5 Mhz Sector Probe, (1) 2.5 Mhz Sector probe with CW/PW
Doppler, (1) Sony UP-811 printer and optional  VTR.   Does echo-
cardiography,  general purpose abdominal applications, and doppler echo.
This is an exceptionally clean system with very versatile capabilities.
All imaging probes are phased array sector type for trouble free imaging.
Catalog image       Actual system image     EXCEPTIONAL VALUE SOLD
BRUEL & Kjaer (B&K) Model 8538 end fire endo-cavity (7.0 Mhz)
end fire imaging probe.  AS-IS untested.			$350.00 
BRUEL & KJAER (B&K) Model 8551 Transrectal ultrasound probes. We
have (2) of these probes. Offered untested AS-IS.		SOLD
VIDEO RECORDERS and PRINTERS A wide variety of VTR and video
printers are usually available including Panasonic AG7300, AG7350,
AG-5700, Sony UP-850, UP-870 and similar.
MDE 'ESCORT' Model E-300A-20E MULTI PARAMETER patient monitor with the
added bonus of a Defibrillator with Pacing.  The monitor performs
ECG, SAO2 (Pulse Oximetry), NIBP (Non-invasive blood pressue) and
one channel of invasive pressure. 				 $ 750.00
AIR-SHIELDS 'ATHENA' Multi-parameter patient monitors.  We can
configure with ECG with Resp., N.I.B.P., SAO2, CO2, & TEMP.
Five monitors are available with ECG/RESP, SAO2 and NIBP.      $650.00
For a high resolution ATHENA IMAGE (370KB) click here >
These monitors have full color displays.			
SPACELABS Model 90623A  ECG,  (2) Pressure (2) Temperature and
respiration channel.  With 90651 recorder. Trend feature.        SOLD
SPACELABS Model 90603A  ECG, (2) Pressure (2) Temperature and
pulse (plethysmography type) with 90651 recorder and trend.       SOLD
SPACELABS-Vitatek Model 511 with 551 recorder.  Does ECG, Pulse,
(2) Pressure and temperature. Has trend feature.              $  550.00
SPACELABS (Tektronix) Model 414 Opt. 21 Monitor.             	   SOLD
AIR-SHIELDS Model AS-461 Neonatal monitor. No recorder.         $  150.00 
Designed to monitor ECG, Respiration, Apnea and Temp.
HEWLETT-PACKARD Model 78354-C Patient monitor.  ECG with
trends amd two invasive pressure channels.   This is the 
latest revision of the 78354 series monitors.			$  450.00
HEWLETT-PACKARD Model 78353-A Patient Monitor.  ECG, (2)
invasive pressures, (2) Temperature inputs. *                   $  350.00
With H.P. Model 78172A (2) channel recorder.*                   $  550.00
H.P. 78339 carts are also available. 
HEWLETT-PACKARD Model 78801 Neonate monitors.  ECG & RESP.	$  350.00
HEWLETT-PACKARD Model 78834-C Neonatal monitor.  		$  450.00
HEWLETT-PACKARD Model 78833-B Neonatal monitor.  We have several
of these fine monitors in various configurations.  These are fine
monitors for research applications monitoring small animals.	$  350.00 Ea.
HEWLET-PACKARD Model 1290A Universal quartz pressure transducer,$  185.00 Ea
ZOLL Model NTP-1000 ECG monitor with PACER.  Has built in strip
chart recorder, adjustable alarm limits and fully variable
external pacer (0 - 140 MA).					INQUIRE
Good medical practice requires that all life support and/or
critical care equipment should be given an on site biomedical 
inspection and certification prior to being placed in service 
and periodic inspections and re-certification as required by 
JCAHO at least every six months.
NELLCOR N-100C Pulse Oximeters.  5 button model. Without
preamp or finger probe.						$  150.00 ea.
NELLCOR N-100C with new * preamp cable and finger probe.	$  350.00 ea
NELLCOR N-200 Pulse Oximeters. Without preamp cable or sensor.	$  350.00
NELLCOR N-200 Pulse Oximeter With new * preamp cable and finger sensor.	
							        $   550.00
* New pre-amp cables and finger sensors are Beta-Biomed mfg.
OHMEDA Model 3740 Pulse Oximeter with finger sensor.		$  450.00
utilize impedance changes in the thoracic region to calculate
cardiac output, ventricular ejaction time, stroke volume, heart
rate and ejection volume index.  These are ideal research tools. INQUIRE
Catalog picture of NCCOM3 > 
CARDIAC CARE UNITS Model COMPASS XM digital holter system.	INQUIRE
This is a PARTS unit.  CPU needs reprogramming.
HEWLETT-PACKARD Model 1400A Digital Telemetry transmitters for 
use with HP Model 1403A digital telemetry systems. Have Channels
1, 2, 3, 4, 6, and 7. With patient cables.			INQUIRE
HEWLETT-PACKARD Telemetry sets Model 78100/78101. Transmitter
and matching receiver.                 (1) available)           $  350.00 ea
with TOCO and Ultrasound transducers.  78100 receiver with
80140 adapter for connection to 8040 Fetal monitor.  Can be
used as stand alone units (for research applications only)
with suitable power supply for 80140.     (2) sets available    $  500.00 ea
HEWLETT-PACKARD Model 8041-A Fetal monitor.  TOCO and Ultrasound
Ideal for use with H.P. Telemetry sets (HP-78120) above.      INQUIRE
HEWLETT-PACKARD 78801B Neonate monitor.  These are ideal for
vet medicine.  ECG, and respiration channels.          		$  250.00 
TEKTRONIX 408 ECG monitors.  Basic unit.			SOLD
MENNEN Model 744 Patient Monitors.  ECG only. Storage scope.    $ 250.00 Ea
MENNEN Model 740 with recorder. ECG only.                       SOLD 
HEWLETT-PACKARD Model 78834-A and B.  Available in several
configurations.	These monitors provide ECG and respiration.
Some have invasive pressure.					  INQUIRE 						
Note:  Patient cables are not included with VET monitors
but we can supply customized cable sets with alligator clips
or other electrodes of your choice at additional cost.
MORTARA ELI 100 /STM portable interpretive electrocardiograph.
Acquires and prints a 12 lead ECG at the touch of a single key.
Includes the ST monitoring option which provides continuous 
ST segment monitoring with alarms and printout if the ST segment
exceeds preset limits.  We have several of these fine units available.
A self contained modem provides for transmitting ECG's via phone. 
We have several of these units in varying condition.            INQUIRE							    
HEWLETT-PACKARD Model M-1700A "PageWriter XLi" Interpretive
real time cardiograph. Simultaneous acquisition of up to 16
leads.  3, 6, or 12 channel continuous recording.  ECG's can be
stored on standard 1.44 meg floppy discs. Options D01, D02.	INQUIRE
A wide variety of formats is available along with extended
interpretations. A H.P. cart is also available as an option.
Preview screen option is NOT included.   	      							
HEWLETT-PACKARD Model  M1701A "PageWriter XLs" Simultaneous
acquisition of up to 16 leads.  3, 6, or 12 Channel
continuous recording.  Full alpha numeric keyboard for
input of Patient data.  ECG's can be stored on standard
1.44 meg floppy disks.						INQUIRE
Analysis program. Aquires and displays all 12 classical ECG
leads simultaneously.  Floppy disk storage of ECG's.		INQUIRE
HEWLETT-PACKARD Model 4700A 'PAGEWRITER' Electrocardiograph.
Basic 12 Lead ECG.						SOLD
CAMBRIDGE VS-550E EKG single channel.				$  425.00
BURDICK E-310 ten lead (3) channel ECG.                       $  575.00
CAMBRIDGE VS-500 Single Channel ECG.  Some cosmetic
damage on case but works fine. Good Vet unit.                   $  185.00
Needs Pt. Cable
HEWLETT-PACKARD Model 78171A Strip Chart Recorder.              $  250.00 
STRIP CHART RECORDERS: a variety of H.P. recorders are available.  INQUIRE
CRITIKON Model 8100 Non-invasive blood pressure monitor. 	$  475.00
CRITIKON Model 847XT Neonate N.I.B.P. monitors. Ideal for
veterinary medicine.                                            $  450.00 Ea
CRITIKON Model 845 N.I.B.P. monitor. With hose and cuff.        $  350.00
PHYSIO-CONTROL 'LIFESTAT 100' NIBP. With charger.  This unit
is 'beat up' cosmetically but works fine.                       $  200.00
PHYSIO CONTROL LIFEPAK 9 ( LP-9 )defibrillator.  The LP9 is a full 
featured defibrillator with monitor and annotating recorder.
Furnished with ECG cable set, manual and new batteries will
be installed at date of order.  We also have a wide variety of
internal paddles for these units and the 803747-00 internal
paddle adapter as options.  For picture and specifications
click here  	Note: spec's are in PDF format.			$750.00
HEWLETT-PACKARD Model 43110A defibrillator with monitor and
recorder.  PICTURE >                    		         INQUIRE 
HEWLETT-PACKARD Model 43100A Defibrillator.  Similar to the
43110A pictured above but has additional features. 		 INQUIRE
(3) 43100A Units are available. 
MDE 'ESCORT' Model E300A-20E.  Full feature multi parameter
monitor with defibrillator w/pacing. See 'PHYSIOLOGICAL MONITOR'
section above for details.  
PHYSIO-COMTROL LP-7 defibrillator with monitor.	AS IS.      $  350.00
Needs battery.
Note:  Operating (open heart) paddles are available for the
43110A & PHYSIO defibs.  DEFIBRILLATORS sold only to qualified EMS, 
BIOMED, Veterinarians or other medical professionals.

Good medical practice requires that all life support equipment
should be given an on site biomedical inspection and certification
prior to being placed in service and periodic inspections and
re-certification as required by JCAHO at least every six months.
DANTEC NEUROMATIC N2000 EMG/NCV System. Two channel EMG system 
does EMG, NCV and Somatosensory EP. 			     SOLD
CADWELL '5200A' EMG (electromyography) system. These compact,
simple to operate units are one of the most popular EMG/EP systems
ever designed. For full specifications click here. Picture of unit>   
We have two of these fine EMG/NCV and EP systems.     		  SOLD
These units are the Grey color late production models (mfg.91/92 )  
We also have the VEP and BSEP stimulators available as an option.
NICOLET 'SPIRIT' Evoked Potentials system. Set up for Somatosensory
Evoked Potentials (SEP and SSEP). Used to monitor responses during
surgery procedures and other SEP applications. Can also be used with
Nicolet Model 2015 Visual Stimulator (see next item) and optional
software from Nicolet to do visual evoked potentials and Auditory
evoked potentials ( AEP ). Comes with two stimulators, numerous
extension cables for OR procedures and extra preamp extensions. 
Includes operating manual, printer, foot switch and misc.    SOLD
NICOLET Model 2015 Visual Stimulator.  Creates checker board and
other patterns for visual evoked potential testing. Like new.	SOLD
NICOLET 'SPIRIT' EMG (electromyograph) System. Unit is
currently configured for EMG only but Evoked Potential software
is available from NICOLET that will provide a wide range of
EP functions along with EMG.					 SOLD
VASAMEDICS Model BPM2 'LASERFLO'Blood Perfusion Monitor. This is
the current model from VASAMEDICS.  Used for monitoring microvascular 
blood flow in tissue. Supplied without probes which are unique to the
users application and available from Vasamedics. An extremely versatile
instrument that is ideal for research or clinical applications.
VASAMEDICS WWW SITE for complete specifications.  		 SOLD
VASAMEDICS Model BPM-403 Laser Blood perfusion monitor.
This unit was received missing the *required* probe which
is available from the mfg. at additional cost.			  SOLD
GRASS Model 8-10C ten channel EEG system.  With Master Electrode
montage selector and several Pt. cable junction boxes.  Nice
system for biofeedback or research applications.  Very clean.    $1,000.00
TECA MODEL EP-40 Evoked Response System.  Does BAER (Brainstem
auditory evoked response), SEP (Somatosensory Evoked response)
and VEP (visual evoked response> testing.  With ST-10 multi
function stimulator, and XY recoder. Research applications.     RECYCLED
Stand as shown in picture is NOT included.
GRASS MODEL S88 Dual output square pulse stimulator.  The S-88
will deliver single, repetitive, twin pulses, pairs of unlike
pulses and trains of pulses from one or both outputs. Volts out
10mv to 150 volts (4 decades).  Picture > Specifications >   SOLD
This unit is in near MINT condition and has the wood grained
metal cabinet without the rack tabs.  It is a late model S88F
GRASS MODEL S44 Single output square pulse stimulator. 
Independent control of four parameters. Stimulus rate 1 /100
seconds to 1000 PPS (five decades), Delay 10 u/sec to 10 seconds.
Duration 10 microseconds to 10 seconds. Volts out 10 mv to 
150 volts.  Synch input and outputs. 		Picture>	  SOLD
GRASS MODEL S10ASCMB auditory stimulator for BAER testing. 	  SOLD
GRASS Model SD-9 square pulse stimulator. .2 to 200 pps
100 MV to 100 Volts nominal output. Pulse duration .02 to
200 milliseconds. Widely used stimulator.			  SOLD
Autonomic nervous system monitor. Dual channel SEMG with audio
and visual feedback. Furnished with two SEMG pre-amps, carry 
case and manual.  This is a current model that sells for $1,700.00
This unit operates like new.Includes utility software CD.  	$875.00
Autonomic nervous system monitor.  Dual channel SEMG with audio
and visual feedback.  Furnished with two pre-amps, carry case,
manual and utilities software CD. Current model.  		$685.00
DAVICON 'ACTIVIEW' Surface EMG (SEMG) system. Dual channel with
visual and auditory feedback.  Rechageable battery.  With two
pre-amps, carry case and manual.			       $550.00
We have several 'ACTIVIEW' systems in stock.
Later Model NEURODYNE 'Actiview'  Spec's. 		       $650.00
DAVICON M-40 Single channel EMG (SEMG) system.  With manual	$750.00
DAVICON M-44 Dual Channel EMG (SEMG) System.	Spec's 	INQUIRE
Neurodyne took over Davicon so Spec's are from Neurodyne.
AUTOGENICS AT-53 Dual channel EMG (SEMG) System with carry case
and all accessories.  Copy of manual included.                  $550.00
UFI Model 2991 IMPEDANCE CONVERTER. A miniature solid state
device which converts any change in resistance, capacitance or
inductance into a proportional DC voltage.  Used in biological
research applications to simplify the acquisition of meaningful
data from low level changes in R C or L.   			  $250.00 EA
BIRTCHER Model 733  HYFRECATOR with operating manual.
Comes with hand piece.  Wall mount bracket  included.  	  SOLD
VALLEYLAB 'SURGISTAT' ESU generator. Does NOT include pencils,
foot switch or patient ground plates. Console only.		  SOLD
ARZCO Model 7A Transesophageal cardiac stimulator with AREZCO
Model 3 Preamp.  (ARZCO is now Cardio Command Systems)		$ INQUIRE
PURITAN-BENNETT (DATEX) CO2 Monitors.   			$  450.00 Ea
SARAcap Capnograph CO2 monitor with many features.              $  550.00
HARVARD APPARATUS Model 975 compact infusion pump. Features a
30 speed gearbox and multiple syringe holders. The syringe
fixture accepts syringes up to 100cc. 				 SOLD
or disposable syringes.  18 speed gearbox and multiple syringe
holders.  Extremely versatile. Handles syringes up to 100 cc	$  450.0
HUMPHREY Model 410 AUTO-KERATOMETER.  				$350.00
RJL SYSTEMS Model QUANTUM BIA 101Q Body composition analyzer.
Comes with Patient Cable and CYPRUS Body Composition Analysis
and Management software for Windows 95/98, and carry case.
This system shows very little use and appears new.             SOLD		
COLPOSCOPES  Several mfg.'s and models are usually available.	INQUIRE
We usually have LEISEGANG, ZEISS, and BERKELEY units available.
PANASONIC Model AG-7350 and AG-7300 Professional Video Tape 
Recorders.  							INQUIRE
INTERMED Model SXR-70U High resolution imaging recorders.
Use SVHS or VHS format.  Ultra high resoulution B&W only
for imaging applications.  These are modified Panasonic
AG-7350 high quality recorders.  (1) unit available. 220 V.	 $ 650.00 ea
SONY Model VO-5600 High Resolution VTR for imaging applications
Broadcast quality recorders.  Umatic Format.                    $  350.00 Ea
SONY Model VO-7600 and VO-9600 High resolution video recorders.
These are broadcast quality recorders for imaging applications.	 INQUIRE
MUSCLE STIMULATORS for physical therapy applications. Have
both regulated voltage and reg. current types.  (3) available.  Call for $$
EMPI "LOGIX" 712-P Command Set and Personal stimulator.  This
personal stimulator is programmed by the command set which can
also be used as a stand alone stimulator.  Nice clean unit.     $  300.00
OLYMPUS Model OBV-1 Camera for endoscopy applications with
OLYMPUS Model OEV-142 High Resolution monitor. Looks New.	INQUIRE
OLYMPUS Colonoscopes.  Several Models are available. Both EVIS
Video scopes and OES types.					INQUIRE
OLYMPUS Model OSF-2 sigmoidoscopes.				INQUIRE
LEISEGANG  Hysteroscopy system with 2.7mm ridgid HYSTEROSCOPE
(30'), Sheath & obturator, Light source and insufflator.	$1,800.00
LEISEGANG Model LM-900 Cryo surgery gun.  Requires N2O which is
not included.                                 			$  385.00
CUDA 150/300, STRYKER "OrthoBeam", EDER 600 and MORGAN.         INQUIRE
OLYMPUS Model CLE-F10 Halogen light source with Xeon flash
for photography.  For endoscopy applications.                   $  550.00
OLYMPUS CLK-3 light source.                                     $  400.00
OLYMPUS Model CLE-4U Light source with air and AC10-L adapter.	$  400.00
WOLF Model 4046.00 Light source.              (2) available     $  350.00 Ea
BAXTER Model OPTX300 XEON LIGHT SOURCE. With adapter for WOLF,
STORZ, OLYMPUS and ACMI scopes.					   SOLD
MADSEN Model ZS76 Impedance audiometer with acoustic audiometer $  200.00
MAICO Model MA-16 Screening audiometer.                         $  250.00
RJL SYSTEMS Model BIA-101A Body composition (impedance)analyzer.   SOLD
The RJL units set the standard for body comp analysis. 
AMERICAN OPTICAL "Project-O-Chart"  Needs new media strip.      $  100.00
PROCEDURE and OPERATING LAMPS.  A variety of portable units
are available.                                                   INQUIRE
AMERICAN OPTICAL Model One-Twenty "Microstar" microscope. With
10X WF Oculars, and 2.5X, 4.0X, 10X, 20X, 40X and 100X O.I.      SOLD
All above  objectives are the superb A.O. PLAN achromats. 
Catalog picture of AO-120 >
AMERICAN OPTICAL (Spencer) Binocular microscope. 10X  Oculars
and 10X, --- and 90X O.I. Objectives.                           $  150.00
These prime examples of German craftsmanship are in fine shape and
include many  objective lens.  Some are setup with dual
light sources (mercury and halogen or mercury and incadescent).
One scope is equipped with Epi fluorescense filters and condenser.
Some accessory items are also available.  These scopes are, perhaps,
the finest ever built.  Virtually impossible to duplicate today.  
A variety of objectives are available for the PHOTOMICROSCOPES.  
Price will depend on objectives selected. PHOTOMICROSCOPE II PICTURE	
We have several PHOTOMICROSCOPE II's and can configure with a wide
variety of objectives and options. 	
ZEISS "PLANAPO OBJECTIVE" 63X / 1.4 N.A.  160mm /-.  This is one of
the finest and most sought after objectives ever manufactured.  The
one we have is the newer, wide body, laser etched "ZEISS", objective
(Pt.# 4618-40-9901).  Last ZEISS price was $5,800.00.             SOLD
ZEISS "PLANAPO" Objective.  100X / 1.3 N.A. 160mm/-.  Another
primo Zeiss objective lens.                                       INQUIRE
Wild Model M-5 Stereo microscope.				  INQUIRE
McIlwain Tissue Chopper spec's and picture > 		          SOLD
AMERICAN OPTICAL (A.O.) Model 820 MICROTOME.  The industry
standard for histology sectioning.    We have several of these
fine microtomes available priced from $1,500.00/$1,650.00.      INQUIRE
BAUSCH & LOMB 'PHOTOZOOM' (Leica) Inverted microscope.		  SOLD
OLYMPUS Model BH-2 laboratory microscope. With 4X, 10X, 40X and
100X objectives.  10X Oculars (one has pointer).		$1,200.00
ZEISS 'OPMI-1' Operating microscope.  160mm inclined binocular 
with double yoke square body OPMI-1.  250mm objective. 12.5X
oculars. Incadescent 6V 30watt illumination. Low profile stand.	  SOLD
BIO-RAD Model 'Power-Pac 3000' programmable electrophoresis
power supply. 0 - 3000V 400 watts Current model. 		$  550.00
HEAT SYSTEMS ('Branson') Model 225W SONICATOR.  Ultrasound
cell disruptor.  Comes with sound dampening enclosure and
'CUP HORN Model 431A.	Extra horns and parts from another
unit can be included as an option.				SOLD
LABLINE Model 13000 water bath.  SS tub, top and side panels.   $  275.00               
AMERICAN OPTICAL (A.O.) Model 820 MICROTOME.  The industry
standard for histology sectioning.    We have several of these
fine microtomes available priced from $1,500.00/$1,650.00.      INQUIRE
SORVAL (Porter Blum) Model MT-1 ULTRA-MICROTOME complete with
AO (Amer.Optical) Binocular stereo microscope 10X-to-40X &
stand with light.                                               $  500.00
SORVAL (Porter Blum) MT-1 ULTRA-MICROTOME.  Does not include
microscope.                                                     $  250.00 
CLAY-ADAMS "DYNAC" centrifuge.  With 6 place holder & SS tubes. $  550.00 
Extremely nice unit.  
CLAY-ADAMS SERO-FUGE Centrifuge                                 $  250.00
CLAY-ADAMS SERO-FUGE II Centrifuge (dual speed)                 $  275.00
COLE PALMER Model 8373-10 single channel 250mm flatbed recorder	$  450.00
SORVAL (Dupont) GLC-4 CENTRIFUGE with HL1000 rotor and
(4) twenty tube buckets.                                        $  650.00
YSI Tele-Thermometer with probe.      New Condition.            $  160.00
ORION Model 601A digital PH meter.                              $  350.00
CORNING Model 6 portable PH meter.                              $  125.00
CORNING Model 5 PH Meter                                        $  100.00
NOTE:  PH meters do not include electrodes as these are
normally application specific.
SINGER MODEL NM 17/27  RFI-EMI  (Radio Interference) RECEIVER.
Covers 10 Khz / 32 Mhz in 8 bands.  Sensitivity specified at
.01 microvolt to 1.0 V.  This unit was received NEW and
unused from the U.S. Govt.  Original cost over $33,000.00.
This receiver has incredible sensitivity and along with its
RFI-EMI functions it makes a great general coverage receiver. $  500.00 
EATON MODEL NM 17/27A -SL  RFI-EMI (Radio Interference)
RECEIVER.  Same basic spec's. as NM 17/27 shown above but a
later model with improved features. UNUSED - NEW EQUIPMENT      $  950.00  
HEWLETT-PACKARD Model 7090A Measurement Plotting System. 	$1,250.00 
HEWLETT-PACKARD Model 7046A X-Y Recorder.                       SOLD
HEWLETT-PACKARD PLOTTERS                       HP Model 7470    $  150.00
                                               HP Model 7475    $  250.00
GOULD Model 8188-4400 (4) channel chart recorder. With (17) 
rolls of chart paper and spare writing pens. Looks new.		   SOLD
Also comes with Gould 8188-402 Preamp cabinet with (4) Model
13-4615 DC preamps.  Makes a wonderful research recorder setup.
The 8188-4400 is a Thermal chart recorder.
HEWLETT-PACKARD Model 8005-B Pulse Generator.                   $  150.00
HEWLETT-PACKARD Model 8015A Pulse Generator.   Unused.          $  650.00
Fluke Model 332-B DC Voltage Standard.
Specified accuracy .002%. Microvolt to 1100 v DC at 50Ma.       $   550.00
Fluke Model 5200A a.c. Calibrators.  NEW unused units               SOLD 
Last Fluke price was over $12,000.00 each.(87/88 Mfg. dates)
Fluke Model 731-B DC voltage standards.				$   300.00 
HEALTHDYNE Model 5000 ECG and RESPIRATION simulators. Compact
battery operated unit with variable ECG and respiration
parameters.  NEW UNUSED surplus.                                $   275.00 
COLE-PALMER Flat-Bed Recorder.  Single channel. Model 8373-10.	$   300.00
Hewlett-Packard Model 3964-A Instrumentaion Recorder.  Four
channels with six speeds from 15/32"IPS to 15 i.p.s.  Exc.
for biomed research or physiology studies.			$   300.00 
Hewlett-Packard Model 3960-A Portable FM tape recorder. Rugged
four track 3 speed unit.  This instrumentation recorder has been
very lightly used and looks excellent.    			$   200.00
EIP Model 351D Microwave counter.				$   550.00
FLUKE Model 1953A Counter (125 Mhz)				$   325.00
ESI Model DB-62 Resistance decade box.  0/11,000 ohms in
.01 ohm steps.  UNUSED.						$   500.00
Other test equipment is also available.                           INQUIRE
Email us a list or call 313-884-1139 with a list of what you have
available for an immediate offer if it's something we can use. We
are especially interested in surplus neurology and cardiology equipment.
Research grade microscopes and all PARKS MEDICAL equipment are 
also of interest. We DO NOT purchase or sell home health care equipment.
		       TERMS OF SALE
All equipment is offered AS-IS, F.O.B. Grosse Pointe Farms, MI - subject
to prior sale.  NO WARRANTIES are expressed or implied.  None of this
equipment is offered or sold for use in life support and/or critical 
care applications in human medicine.  If life support and/or critical
care use is contemplated by the PURCHASER, then good medical practice
and JCAHO rules require that an on site inspection and certification
of the subject equipment be performed by a qualified biomedical engineer
or technician at PURCHASERS facility prior to being used in human medicine.
Re-certification is required at least every six months for most life 
support and critical care equipment. FDA Certificate is required for
some medical equipment.  CLICK HERE FOR SAMPLE FDA CERTIFICATE. Form is
in PDF format. Please note that some pictures of items shown on our Inventory
List are representative of that item and may not be the actual item offered.
All sales are final.
We supply some of the leading research facilities in the U.S.A. and our
customers have ALWAYS indicated that equipment received from us has by
far exceeded their expectations for value and quality.   Our long term
customers include Johns Hopkins University, Harvard Medical School,
and other major research facilities.   Our daily goal is our customers
complete satisfaction.   Our disclaimers notwithstanding, we are aware of
a single unsatisfied customer in over TWENTY years of selling quality 
surplus equipment over the Internet.  
There are many items available that may not have been itemized at the time
this list was posted.  Inquire with any of your special equipment needs.
Give us a call if you need further information.
We are interested in supporting medical and scientific research projects
and will consider donating or loaning equipment for projects that meet our
Sales in Michigan are restricted to wholesale customers (with appropriate
sales tax exemption letter or certificate), and exempt institutions such
as hospitals, universities and equipment exporters.  
All TRADEMARKS used herein are the exclusive property of the respective
manufacturer of the equipment and are used for identification purposes only.
Special pricing consideration will be given to BULK orders.  Call for a
quotation.   On items marked with a "D" after the price, we will consider
donating to any bonafide charitable organization with IRS tax free status,
excluding any packing or shipping charges.  Reasonable offers will be 
considered on some items.
TO PLACE AN ORDER, please email us or call to verify that your selection 
is still available.  We accept personal or company checks but funds must 
clear our bank prior to shipment.  We do not currently have Master Card 
or Visa facilities.  Overseas customers may wire funds to our International 
bank. Please Email us for instructions on International shipments. Domestic
shipments are normally made via Fed-Ex Ground service insured for value. 
Refer to our home page list for items that are currently in stock:
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